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Product Name£º smart home zigbee gateway
Product Model£º CR-SH10-04
Click Times£º 1352Times
 Smart Zigbee multi-function gateway home control center wireless control system can be linked with smart Zigbee multi-function gateway
 Smart Zigbee3.0 Gateway voice control, home appliances become smart in just a few seconds, remote control, timer switch, 750¡ãC flame retardant, and artificial intelligence. A new generation of zigbee remote control Smart Zigbee3.0 Gateway mobile phone remote Smart Zigbee3.0 Gateway smart home Home appliances become smart---connect the smart socket mobile phone and the appliances can be controlled remotely, and they can be switched on and off at any time Time management, energy saving and power saving No matter how far away, the home can be controlled. You don¡¯t need to move the whole house. The switches are in your hands. The mobile phone isremotely controlled to make ordinary house hold appliances smart. This product has been successfully docked with Amazon Alexa voice control operation, and it only takes a few steps to successfully dock .
Product parameters
Series: Smart Zigbee3.0 Gateway
Rated voltage: 5V1A
Wireless connection: Zigbee/WiFi
Working temperature: -20¡ãC~45¡ãC
Working humidity: O-85%RH
Start mode: voice control button control mobile phone control
Specification: 39 * 39mm
Shell material: PC flame retardant
Panel material: PC flame retardant
This product has a variety of specifications to choose from, please consult me for details.

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